March 13th – April 11th: Ages Of Man By William Shakespeare, adapted by John Gielgud.

sirjohnI am still trying to decide if I am going to this or not…

Ages Of Man By William Shakespeare, adapted by John Gielgud is showing at the Performance Workshop Theatre…

Reviewed in the Baltimore City Paper:

Excerpt from the Performance Workshop web page:


Selections from Shakespeare

by Sir John Gielgud

directed by Marlyn G. Robinson

March 13 – April 11, 2009

We are especially pleased to bring to you in early 2009 an exciting production of Sir John Gielgud’s celebrated Ages of Man, his intimate selection of Shakespeare’s monologues and sonnets, arranged by themes of Youth, Manhood and Age, which he began performing in the late 1950’s.

Marc Horwitz, who was awarded “Best Actor” by City Paper in their Best of Baltimore 2008 edition for his performance of Oedipus in last spring’s production, will be performing this brilliant one-man tour de force

$20 General Admission

$15 Students with current ID

My side Note:

I have seen Sir John Gielgud probably  hundreds of times  thanks to my former channel surfing habits (Before I got rid of cable). Mostly 80’s movies (The butler in Arthur anyone?) , and to tell you the truth, I “Noticed Him”, but didn’t really NOTICE him… As I developed an appreciation for Shakespeare, and started watching the DVD’s or Vids of the Bards plays, I then took NOTICE.  My facination with Shakespeare coincides with my love of the spoken word, and if nothing else Sir John Gielgud was a master of the spoken word. So anyway Blah blah blah, he’s really good so check out some of his work if ya get a chance.

As a side note:  Sometimes (I have to say) it kinda erks me when I see some of these amazing actors earning a buck in shlocky American movies. But I know’ works work and it pays the bills…

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