March 28th and 29th: Bare Bard!!! Did TMZ find Compromising Photos of Shakespeare, or is MSF doing “A Winter’s Tale”?

barebard4“Naked Willy”, I mean “Bare Bard” (How immature of me) is the Maryland Shakespeare Festivals experimental “Bare Bard” Series, and they are taking on “The Winter’s Tale.


And what is the Bard Bard series? Here is what they say on thier web site:

Part of MSF’s performace research, Bare Bard is great theater with out the frills!
Actors from across the country come to Frederick to tell timeless stories in our Elizabethan Play house.. costumes, fights, music… Its all there
BUT… like in Shakespeare’s day, there is NO director, No lights and very little rehearsal! It’s all in the language, and with just 1 day… This is where ‘whose line is it’ meets ‘To be or Not to Be’ “

Now’ I saw them do Henry the Fifth this Winter as part of the Bare Bard series. There was a unique energy to the production that completely sucked me in. I was going to say a frantic energy, but that’s not quite  the right word… There was expectation, the actors just seemed completely in the moment and completely focused on the world they created just the day before.

Remember, if you do go to the play don’t leave as soon as it’s over. Hang around for the talk back, it really was interesting to hear both the audience, and the actors  response to the experience.

I will most likely be there for opening night on Saturday, sitting front and center if I get there early enough.

It’s located in the Elizabethan Play house located within the Centennial Memorial United Methodist Church

8 West 2nd Street
Frederick, MD 21701

See link for pricing and details.

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