FREE WILL! is not always free, and the Maryland Shakespeare Festival deserves some good lov’in

Just opened my emails this morning and got the latest goods from the Maryland Shakespeare Festival. They will be doing “The Taming of the Shrew” for their FREE “Shakespeare in the Park” and have started a donation drive to keep it alive. I’ll  be excited to see “Shrew” because I REFUSE to read a play until I see itnora_roberts live (Keeps it exciting for me!). I’ve seen about 12 Shakespeare plays so far and looking forward to this one so I can finally jump into the text!

Also’ it seems that the MSF also have a very (VERY) cool donation deal going on. The Nora Roberts Foundation will match every dollar donated! So’ You Donate a dollar, her foundation donates a dollar. You donate 5 Million Dollars, she donates 5 Million Dollars (or something like that).

So Jump the Link and help while it lasts:

As a side note: I had read  in the Washington Post (I think?) that Nora Roberts (The author) had moved somewhere in or around Frederick and started an Inn with a Literary theme. See this link for more details:

Nora Roberts – Stay in the “Titania and Oberon” room at the Inn BoonsBoro.

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2 Responses

  1. The connection between Frederick & MSF is because Nora Roberts has a relative that has been involved with MSF for several years.

    • Glad they think that much about the art’s cause that was pretty awesome of the Nora Roberts Foundations.

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