Update: Rockville Will Power Festival – To Mill or Not to Mill?

3/25 update.   I just found an article in the Gazette about the Will Power Festival. Jump the link:  http://www.gazette.net/stories/03182009/entemon115957_32470.shtml

Okay’ I went this morning to the Rockville campus to check out some of the FREE “Lectures” for the “Will Power Festival“, (Notice the word “Lecture” is in quotes). Well’ I got there about 11am all ready to sit down for the “Bringing Shakespeare’s Poetry to Life” “Lecture” to be given by Ms. Becky Kemper, director of the Maryland Shakespeare Festival. I’m in a rock band, and write music so I’m all ready to get into the Lyrical Styling of the Mac Daddy of the Middle Ages, Mr. Shakespeare… Ready for some Alliteration, some Metonymy and maybe a dash of Onomatopoeia to go with my Synecdoche! I’m all ready to sit in the front row, and nod my head thoughtfully,  like I really understand all those words I just grabbed off the Net… Anyway’ I get there and walk through a door that leads right to a crowed stage of about 50 people, and no one sitting in the audience. Then Becky tells us to get into a circle, and it starts to hit me. It’s called ” Bringing Shakespeare’s Poetry to Life”, not  “The Sit on your Butt, Listen Intently, and Try Not to Fall Asleep Lecture”! Next thing I know I’m learning how to Mill around a stage with 50 other people. Yes’ I Milled today with a professionally trained Miller.

“Bringing Poetry to Life” was not  just a “Lecture”, and of course there was much more going on then just “Milling”. All in all it was quite fun and I am glad I stuck around. Hell’  I even hung around for the next class on “‘Sound and Fury’: Exploring Shakespeare’s Text through sound and Movement”.

So’ if you are the adventurous type go check out some the free classes, don’t be shy, just have fun, and Don’t forget the FREE Plays on Wed. and Thurs.

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