ASC does a Comedy of Errors – A Free show that was pure fun… Hamlet Next!

asc-logo-on-tour21Okay’ Just a quick note after seeing the American Shakespeare Centers “Comedy of Errors” at the “Will Power Festival” in Rockville… I had never seen the American Shakespeare Centers traveling company before, but I am glad to be able to tell you they have the same magic as their Stanton brethren. The house was packed and belly laughs were to be had. If you weren’t there you missed out on a fun night.

Now ‘ If you didn’t  make this show I would strongly suggest you make it tomorrow for ASC’s Hamlet, cause I have a feeling this is gonna be good. Think of it as a cheap date (FREE)… Tell your potential date it’s JUST like Mel Gibsons Hamlet but with REAL actors… JUST KIDDING!!! Tell them it  IS  Mel Gibson, but he’s such a great actor, once he gets into a part, you would never know it was him (And how he lost 30 years, gained 20 pounds and grew 6 inches just for this role?)…

Anyway… Don’t miss it… And as usual they accept donations. So’ give what you can, if you can, or later on when you can… it all helps.

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