Boring Historical Facts – You might want to skip this and read one of the stunningly interesting posts before or after this one.

The First Bare Bard From the Lost Chronicles of “Clements the Historian”.

The Year is 1594, Friday morning,  and Shakespeare is tapping his feather  pen against his head looking for the next line in Love’s Labor’s Won. When out of the blue young Issac of Willdon storms in yelling at the top of his lungs  “Mr. Shakespeare, Mr. Shakespeare, WHERE IS MR. SHAKESPEARE!”

Shakespeare jumps out of his seat, and runs to the the boy, “What is it lad,” he asks looking around frantically, “Is it a fire, is the place burning?” The boy stares at him with terrified eyes, “No Sire, that doesn’t happen till 1613, it’s the Duke of Rottenbury! He will be here tomorrow, and wants to see your newest play.  A PLAY WE’VE NEVER REVIEWED AND HE WANTS IT IN 24 HOURS!!!!”

Shakespeare looks at the boy and laughs, “Is that all? He wants us to put on a full production of a play I’ve barely put the finishing touches on, and no one else has seen?”…

…Now’ the lost chronicles of “Clements the Historian” shows that Shakespeare did indeed have “The Winter’s Tale” produced and ready for the Duke of Rottenbury in 24 hours after much sweat, work, and laughter.  The lost histories also state that during the play, the Duke of Rottenbury did set his chair right on the stage in front of EVERYONE (How rude!). BUT’ Clements does also state that  Shakespeare in the role of Cleomenes, during one of Leontes speechs, took an opportunity to bend over… and tie one of his sandals… For a whole 4 minutes. Showing the Duke of Rottenbury exactly what a Sicilian Lord wears under his tunic! And thus was born,  on that chilly afternoon in 1594,  the  phrase “Bare Bard”.

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