The Comedy of Errors: Dame Judi Dench as Andriana in 1978 with the Royal Shakespeare Company

Okay now this is funny!… I just saw the American Shakespeare Centers “The Comedy of Errors” and wanted to see what other versions were out there on the Internet. I own the  The BBC TV Shakespeare Collection on DVD (a collection of all Shakespeare’s plays done for the BBC), some of the DVDs are fantastic, others not so. Well the BBC’s “The Comedy of Errors” annoys me in one aspect. Instead of 2 separate actors playing the twins Antipholus and Dromio, the twins are played by the same actors using split screen. I’m sorry but a big part of the humor for me is seeing 2 separate actors playing the role of twins. So I’m cruising the net looking for other live versions when I stumbled on this… A young Judi Dench as Andriana. I soooo want a copy of this! has it, but only on VHS (And the complete musical score on 8-track?). I don’t even think my old VHS player works anymore. Now If only they would put this out on DVD.

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