April 13: FREE – Lincoln and Shakespeare at the Fords Theatre

abraham-lincoln-5-17-04-2-copyI accidentally stumbled on this while looking up something completely different, and is a good example of why I started this web page. Looks like the Fords theater in Washington DC is having a FREE 90 minute presentation about Lincoln and his love for Shakespeare. They will be presenting this with the help of the Shakespeare Theater Company featuring actor Andrew Long.

Now’ this sounds pretty cool if your into history (And Shakespeare)… The down side is all tickets are gone… So’ If ya happen to hear about more little happenings like this, let us know and I will post it here (And see ya there).
Jump the link for more info:  April 13: Lincoln and Shakespeare at the Fords Theatre

If nothing else I found my new favorite quote:

It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices.” Abraham Lincoln

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