FREE: See Past Productions of Area Plays Free.

Here’s a cool tid-bit passed to me:

Washington Area Performing Arts Video Archive – Past performances for public viewing.

Now’ I am not a theater person so I’ve never heard of this, but this may be old news to everyone else.  There’s a local organization that professionally records live theater in the Washington area. Although this is of great interest to scholars and students of theater I’m sure, this might also be cool for someone like me . Not being a scholar or a student I come at Shakespeare the  same way I listen to music. I never listen just once, and I like to find as many live variations as possible. As Lincoln said, “”It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices.”

The only down side is you cannot watch at home, but the upside is they can be watched  at a couple of locations, including the University of Maryland (just down the road from me).  So’ if ya want to catch a play a second time, this may be an option.

Link: Click on “Video Archive” and do a “Keyword” search for Shakespeare (Or other interest). Click on “View Shows” to see viewing locations.

From their website:

“WAPAVA pays professional videographers, who with our post-production facility, support WAPAVA by charging us substantially less than market rates. Nevertheless, we are only able to videotape productions where the theatre (or, less frequently, a donor) is able to support the cost of recording and editing. Shows from smaller (and possibly more adventurous) theatres are under-represented.
In 2006, WAPAVA recorded thirty-one productions for the Taylor Collection.”

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