HELP!! The Maryland Shakespeare Festival is Still in Danger of Losing its Home!

sad_shakespeare1So’ The Frederick Maryland community wants a year round Shakespeare theater, YEAH!!!  WHOOHOO!!! YIPPEE!!!…  BUT’ hold on,  there is one person (really, only one) in ALL of Frederick (Or Maryland OR the Continental United States!) that doesn’t want local Shakespeare because he doesn’t want the traffic? In the heart of Frederick? a block away from  from Night Clubs and Restaurants? Held in wonderful old church that happens to house an Elizabethan Theater!

Here’s the deal’ the gentleman opposing the plays is a retired lawyer, apparently a good one at that. So can ya guess how much this court case costs him? (Remember 19 words back “Retired Lawyer!”). Now’ can you guess how much it is costing MSF? I would think more then they can afford to lose. But ultimately if we lose the Maryland Shakespeare Festivals new home the real cost will be born by the community.

So’ please go to their website, and if you can help out with a donation, that would be GREAT! But cha’ know what, just showing up at their productions is a fantastic way of  supporting them and the community. Not to mention you’ll get an entertaining experience in the bargain.

Help out by going to the Maryland Shakespeare Festivals website at and don’t forget their doing THE TEMPEST – Bare Bard, This weekend!!!

Latest News article on the court case: Shakespeare in peril

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