BARGAIN ($10): “THE TEMPEST” This Weekend by The Maryland Shakespeare Festival


Tis’ that time of the year again, and the Maryland Shakespeare Festival is putting on another Bare Bard, this time The Tempest! Finally, finally,  I get to see The Tempest! And why is this so important?? Since I won’t read a play or watch a DVD of the performance till I see it live,  I will finally get a chance to see “Forbidden Planet”. You know Forbidden Planet? The Tempest in space?…with Walter Pidgeon and Robby the Robot? Hey’ Don’t laugh. It’s one of the highest rated “Shakespeare” productions on IMDB and has the exact same rating of 7.80 as ‘The West Side Story” (based on Romeo and Juliet).  So scoff if you will, Forbidden Planet is mine!

Anyway, Back to the Bare Bard… If you haven’t seen one, give this one a chance. A Bare Bard is where professional actors come from around the county, meet up on Friday, and in 24 hours put on a full production. I have seen 2 other Bare Bards, and REALLY enjoyed both. It’s like seeing Shakespeare on a high wire without a net. There’s no sleepwalking these lines, they are freshly learned and the energy is raw.


ALSO:  Don’t forget that The Maryland Shakespeare Festival has a donation drive going, and that the Nora Roberts Foundation is matching every dollar dontated! So support your local Shakespeare.

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