Richard II: Convince me to spend the money

Update: Feb. 18, 2010. We  finally made a play at the Sidney Harmon Hall, where we happened to meet:
Sidney Harman Hall  House Managers Extraordinaire

Well’ I’m going back and forth on this one…

I have seen Richard II  once before, but the production was my least favorite of the 20 or so Shakespeares I’ve seen live. I actually left the play feeling kinda bored… But then after reading the play (Which was great!),  I saw the DVD version with Derek Jacobi and was dazzled. After that it became one of my favorites… So now the question is, do I want to spend the bucks to see Richard II performed by The Shakespeare theatre Company in DC? I’ve never been to the Sidney Harman Hall to see a Shakespeare theatre  Company performance, but I understand they do a fantastic job. Normally I go to smaller venues because I believe Shakespeare is best experienced in an open, lights on kinda fashion… All the glam in the world cannot make Shakespeare sound better.

But there is a wide range of ticket prices from $20.00 to $72.00 for this production. So for $20 am I stuck in nose bleed seats catching maybe every other word? Or for $72 do I get caviar and a foot massage?

I guess I’m just hoping someone will convince me to spend the hard earned cash, and let me know what the best seats are for the buck… Cause after reading the play and then seeing the DVD I really want to give this play another chance live.

You can email me at or just click on the comment link below.

4 Responses

  1. $72 is pretty high, but it might be worth it. Our Richard II was one of my favorite productions ever, and it isn’t every day you get the chance to see it. As for perks on the pricey tix, next time you buy the most expensive seat in the house at the Blackfriars Playhouse (around $40), let me know, and I’ll personally hook you up with a glass of wine or Coke, and a free souvenir poster. How’s that for service?

  2. $72 isn’t really that much comparatively. I live in NYC, most plays are $100 or over.

  3. I try and keep my Shakespeare habit on a budget (It can get expensive!) So when I think about spending $72 per person for one play, I keep thinking about how I can go see a Shakespeare at the Blackfriars in Staunton VA and get 2 tickets for $60 and use the rest for a hotel and make a weekend of it.
    But The Shakespeare theatre Company in DC is doing both Richard II and Henry V. They’re having a $25 snow special this weekend for Henry V, so my wife and I have already purchased our tickets, and will be able to check their company and the Sidney Harman Hall for the first time. So I am really looking forward to that.

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