Shakespeares Birthday is Next Month: And theres always plenty going on. But where?

Last April there were quite a few happenings to celebrate Shakespeare’s birthday in our area. There was cake and music,  lectures and dramatic readings,  and generally fun stuff for the whole family, most of it free. The only bad thing about all these events going on, was the fact I didn’t hear about them till AFTER they happened!

The problem is that most of these events weren’t really advertised. And the ones that were, you had to hunt all over the internet to find. So consider the calendar at Maryland Shakespeare as a free public service. This year I’m gonna start looking early for the event’s so they can get t posted. If you know of any events let me know and I’ll get them on the calendar for everyone else.

(The “Shakespeare Calendar” is located towards top right of this web page)

PUB NIGHT: Tomorrow (03/10) Hosted by The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Eduard von Grützner’s Portrait of Falstaff

The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company will be hosting a “Pub Night” in Columbia Maryland.  Which according to their web site:

“Pub Nights are informal discussion groups where we sit around a local establishment and discuss some aspect of Shakespeare or classical theatre. Led by CSC members and attended by both company members and members of the general public”

The theme is “Shakespeare in Love”. I know Shakespeare is considered one of  the greatest romantic writers of all times, but “Shakespeare in Love”, makes me think of his comedies such as Much Ado about Nothing, or the Taming of the Shrew, which are amazingly hilarious takes on the lighter side of love. Here’s how I had discribed one of my favorite comedies, Twelfth Night:

” Everyone’s in love with someone, but that someone’s in love with someone else. And if you happen to be a woman dressed as a man, that get’s really confusing.”

Of course there’s the famously romantic side of Shakespeare found in the Sonnets, and plays like  Romeo and Juliet where our lovers meet, dance, and fall in love, prompting me to write:

” I was dazzled by  the way the words seem to dance and flow across the page keeping time with the music that you could almost hear.”

I have yet to go to a Pub Night as hosted by The Chesapeake Shakespeare company, so I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

Here’s the link with more information:

Hosted by CSC Associate Director Jenny Leopold
March 10, 2010 7:30 PM
Bertucci’s in Columbia, MD

“Learning Shakespeare: A Layman’s Guide” updated with “Step 3) Watch the DVD”

Wow, creating  this “Laymans Guide” is taking more time then I thought it would. I had started Step 3 two days ago, had it typed up for the most part, then lost half of it and had to start over again.

I love watching Shakespeare on DVD, the section “Step 3” describes the methods I use to track down the best versions to watch. I hope you find it helpful.

Heres the link: Learning Shakespeare: A Layman’s Guide

FREE April 13th : Folger’s – Shakespeare Birthday Lecture: “Sensational Shakespeare”

Reactions to Shakespeare have varied from tears to rapture to outrage. Professor Russell Jackson looks at historical performances to explore how extreme staging and audience responses have produced “Sensational Shakespeare.”

April 13,   8pm at the Folger’s Elizabethan Theatre

See link for Details

April 13: FREE – Lincoln and Shakespeare at the Fords Theatre

abraham-lincoln-5-17-04-2-copyI accidentally stumbled on this while looking up something completely different, and is a good example of why I started this web page. Looks like the Fords theater in Washington DC is having a FREE 90 minute presentation about Lincoln and his love for Shakespeare. They will be presenting this with the help of the Shakespeare Theater Company featuring actor Andrew Long.

Now’ this sounds pretty cool if your into history (And Shakespeare)… The down side is all tickets are gone… So’ If ya happen to hear about more little happenings like this, let us know and I will post it here (And see ya there).
Jump the link for more info:  April 13: Lincoln and Shakespeare at the Fords Theatre

If nothing else I found my new favorite quote:

It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices.” Abraham Lincoln

3/26 thru 3/29: DIGGING INTO SHAKESPEARE at the Roundhouse Theater in Silver Spring

Roundhouse Theater presents:

Digging Into Shakespeare
With Jon Spelman and Tina Chancey
Thursday, March 26 – Saturday, March 28 at 8pm;
Sunday, March 29 at 3pm

A solo piece performed with musician Tina Chancey based on Spelman’s mostly disastrous experience with Shakespeare productions, his relationships with the actresses in them, and his encounters with nutty Shakespearian critics. Commissioned by the Clarice Smith Center at the University of Maryland. For ages 16 and up.

Jon Spelman’s work has been hailed around the country and the world as “world-class.” Two previous productions at Round House have been the premieres of Off the Map and Frankenstein. Learn more about him at

TICKETS: $15 ($12 for Round House subscribers, senior citizens, patrons under 25, and groups of 10 or more)*. Call 240.644.1100

Jump the link:

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Update: Rockville Will Power Festival – To Mill or Not to Mill?

3/25 update.   I just found an article in the Gazette about the Will Power Festival. Jump the link:

Okay’ I went this morning to the Rockville campus to check out some of the FREE “Lectures” for the “Will Power Festival“, (Notice the word “Lecture” is in quotes). Well’ I got there about 11am all ready to sit down for the “Bringing Shakespeare’s Poetry to Life” “Lecture” to be given by Ms. Becky Kemper, director of the Maryland Shakespeare Festival. I’m in a rock band, and write music so I’m all ready to get into the Lyrical Styling of the Mac Daddy of the Middle Ages, Mr. Shakespeare… Ready for some Alliteration, some Metonymy and maybe a dash of Onomatopoeia to go with my Synecdoche! I’m all ready to sit in the front row, and nod my head thoughtfully,  like I really understand all those words I just grabbed off the Net… Anyway’ I get there and walk through a door that leads right to a crowed stage of about 50 people, and no one sitting in the audience. Then Becky tells us to get into a circle, and it starts to hit me. It’s called ” Bringing Shakespeare’s Poetry to Life”, not  “The Sit on your Butt, Listen Intently, and Try Not to Fall Asleep Lecture”! Next thing I know I’m learning how to Mill around a stage with 50 other people. Yes’ I Milled today with a professionally trained Miller.

“Bringing Poetry to Life” was not  just a “Lecture”, and of course there was much more going on then just “Milling”. All in all it was quite fun and I am glad I stuck around. Hell’  I even hung around for the next class on “‘Sound and Fury’: Exploring Shakespeare’s Text through sound and Movement”.

So’ if you are the adventurous type go check out some the free classes, don’t be shy, just have fun, and Don’t forget the FREE Plays on Wed. and Thurs.


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