May Is So SLOOOOOWWW This Year!

Well’ May this year is turning into a barren desert for local Shakespeare fans in the DC area. Where locally last year we had the Montgomery County Players doing Midsummer, and the Folger’s doing Hamlet. This year, there’s nothing around here for May.

My question is, with the recent demise of the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, and the lack of event’s in our area, is this a disturbing reflection of the times? The Washington Post ran an article last year stating:

“Reflecting the growing hunger among Washington’s nonprofit theaters to expand their audience base and diversify their offerings, Shakespeare Theatre Company will serve as the launching site for a national tour of the original production of “Fela!,” the unconventional, Broadway-tested musical about the life of the Nigerian singer-activist Fela Kuti.”

Link to post article

I’m almost afraid that when they say that Washington’s nonprofit theaters, and the Shakespeare Theatre Company, are looking to expand their audience base, what their really saying is that the bucks aren’t flowing for Shakespeare so let’s try something else. For example I noticed there are plenty of plays and things going on with the Shakespeare Theatre Company for the month of May… and no yet  no Shakespeare.

DC-area Shakespeare explorers

And yet’ do not lose all hope! There are others in the area looking for Shakespeare happening’s at the grass-roots level. For example I hang out at the local group called “DC-area Shakespeare explorers.” It’s brand new place on the web to hook up with local Shakespeare fans.  There’s  been so far (I believe) three meetups, I’ve been to a two, and looking forward to the next.

So’ even if there are no “Official” Shakespeare offering’s for May,  we can still make something happen. Jump to the site for DC-area Shakespeare explorers and check out the offerings, or even throw out a suggestion or two. I,  among others have hosted a “Meet up”, and we are in the hopes that you can too. Shakespeare readings? Movie night? Gather before or after seeing a play? It’s a great way to do Shakespeare on the cheap, and meet others in the process!

So’ pop in and support the DC-area Shakespeare explorers

Most likely if you go to an event, you’ll get a chance to meet me there. If you see me, say HI!…

Don’t take Shakespeare in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area for granted.

A new Spring Season, and soooo many plays..

Hello – A new Spring Season, and soooo many plays…
I am still going to the plays, but have not had time to update this website (Mid-Summer in Olney ROCKED!). This is not a good thing. The one nice thing about maintaining this web site was I never missed a free play, and other events. It was an excuse to maintain and share my Shakespeare Calendar, along with meeting people of like interest along the way.

So I would like to throw out there a thought. Who would like to help with this website and calendar??

I get emails from companies asking for promotion, and users commenting on existing material, but I just don’t have the time anymore.
If you google maryland shakespeare OR  Washington dc shakespeare, you will find this website on the first page of the search, so this website is worth the effort.

So if you are local, and have an interest. Or if you are part of a Shakespeare Company Maryland, DC, Virginia, or Pennsylvania and want to be able to add your promotions here, send me an email from your companies address..


Sidney Harman Hall and the House Managers Extraordinaire

Carol and Kelsey - House Managers

Carol and Kelsey - House Managers

My wife and I finally got to the Sidney Harman Hall  for the first time to watch The Shakespeare Theatre Company perform Henry V.  So’  Sometime within the next couple of days I’ll have a wonderfully deep and insightful review of my impressions of the Sidney Harmon Hall, and how much we enjoyed seeing the play.

But for now I just want to give a shout out to Carol and Kelsy, the House Managers extraordinaire at the Sidney Harman Hall. Who not only convinced me that I really (REALLY!)  needed the Shakespeare bust  they were holding in this picture. They also explained that in doing so I’d also be helping a worthy cause, since part of the proceeds go to keeping Shakespeare alive in the Washington DC Area. So how could I resist, I now have a second Shakespeare bust in my living room.

You can catch our write up about the  Sidney Harman Hall by clicking  Here .

Shakespeare’s Bust – Not Double D’s

Shakespeare bust and light switch
Shakespeare bust and light switch

This bust of Shakespeare does not run on two D batteries, but electricity. Not to date myself, but when I was a kid, once I  got home from school,  I would ALWAY’s turn on that old campy version of… Batman. You know the one with Adam West? Well’ in this show there was a Bust of “Shakespeare”, and to get to the Batcave, Batman would flip back Shakespeares head, flip a switch, and SWOOSH (POW,  KER-BLAM!), this switch would then open the secret entrance to the Batcave.

Now’ I know that you have searched for years, nay – Decades to find your own large Shakespeare bust, with a flip top head, to open YOUR OWN secret entrance. Well my friends, your search is over, jump the eBay link below for details.

Link: Shakespeares Electric Head

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