May Is So SLOOOOOWWW This Year!

Well’ May this year is turning into a barren desert for local Shakespeare fans in the DC area. Where locally last year we had the Montgomery County Players doing Midsummer, and the Folger’s doing Hamlet. This year, there’s nothing around here for May.

My question is, with the recent demise of the Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, and the lack of event’s in our area, is this a disturbing reflection of the times? The Washington Post ran an article last year stating:

“Reflecting the growing hunger among Washington’s nonprofit theaters to expand their audience base and diversify their offerings, Shakespeare Theatre Company will serve as the launching site for a national tour of the original production of “Fela!,” the unconventional, Broadway-tested musical about the life of the Nigerian singer-activist Fela Kuti.”

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I’m almost afraid that when they say that Washington’s nonprofit theaters, and the Shakespeare Theatre Company, are looking to expand their audience base, what their really saying is that the bucks aren’t flowing for Shakespeare so let’s try something else. For example I noticed there are plenty of plays and things going on with the Shakespeare Theatre Company for the month of May… and no yet  no Shakespeare.

DC-area Shakespeare explorers

And yet’ do not lose all hope! There are others in the area looking for Shakespeare happening’s at the grass-roots level. For example I hang out at the local group called “DC-area Shakespeare explorers.” It’s brand new place on the web to hook up with local Shakespeare fans.  There’s  been so far (I believe) three meetups, I’ve been to a two, and looking forward to the next.

So’ even if there are no “Official” Shakespeare offering’s for May,  we can still make something happen. Jump to the site for DC-area Shakespeare explorers and check out the offerings, or even throw out a suggestion or two. I,  among others have hosted a “Meet up”, and we are in the hopes that you can too. Shakespeare readings? Movie night? Gather before or after seeing a play? It’s a great way to do Shakespeare on the cheap, and meet others in the process!

So’ pop in and support the DC-area Shakespeare explorers

Most likely if you go to an event, you’ll get a chance to meet me there. If you see me, say HI!…

Don’t take Shakespeare in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC area for granted.

The Comedy of Errors: Dame Judi Dench as Andriana in 1978 with the Royal Shakespeare Company

Okay now this is funny!… I just saw the American Shakespeare Centers “The Comedy of Errors” and wanted to see what other versions were out there on the Internet. I own the  The BBC TV Shakespeare Collection on DVD (a collection of all Shakespeare’s plays done for the BBC), some of the DVDs are fantastic, others not so. Well the BBC’s “The Comedy of Errors” annoys me in one aspect. Instead of 2 separate actors playing the twins Antipholus and Dromio, the twins are played by the same actors using split screen. I’m sorry but a big part of the humor for me is seeing 2 separate actors playing the role of twins. So I’m cruising the net looking for other live versions when I stumbled on this… A young Judi Dench as Andriana. I soooo want a copy of this! has it, but only on VHS (And the complete musical score on 8-track?). I don’t even think my old VHS player works anymore. Now If only they would put this out on DVD.

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