FREE April 20: 10 years and going strong – Shakespeare’s Birthday at the Library of Congress

Hey – Shakespeare’s birthday is this month, and if this year is like last year, there will be lots of interesting things going on… And I’ll hear about them the day after they happen. Or maybe not. Just got an email for the Library of Congress event to add to the calendar.

On Tuesday, April 20, the popular celebration of Shakespeare’s birthday will take place at noon in the Whittall Pavilion in the Jefferson Building. Professional actors from the Academy of Classical Acting associated with the Shakespeare Theatre Company will recite monologues, act out scenes and engage in stage fighting. This is the 10th year “Shakespeare’s Birthday Reading” will be held.


FREE this Saturday: Shakespeare and Galileo in Williamsburg VA.

Just got this one to pass on. Looks like some fun educational theater is going on in Williamsburg Virgina. But make your plans quick, it’s happening tomorrow. Here’s what they say on thier website:

Shakespeare and Galileo
Listen in on a hypothetical meeting between two brilliant individuals – William Shakespeare and Galileo Galilei – as they explore the relationship between art and science.

This live theatrical performance is presented by the The Carpenter Science Theatre Company, which brings science to life at the Science Museum of Virginia. Professional actors, directors, playwrights, designers and technicians combine their expertise to educate and entertain all ages with wonderful performances.

Free, no reservations needed

Saturday, March 27
11 a.m.
Kitzinger Community Room
James City County Library
7770 Croaker Road, Norge This program is made possible through a grant from the Friends of Williamsburg Regional


Local Blog of the Week: Or What You Will

I just thought I would pass on a local Blog that I have been reading for the past couple weeks called “Or What You Will“.  A mother of two who has not read any Shakespeare for the past 20 years has decided to jump back in to read all his plays. Looking at her blog I can say I have really enjoyed her enthusiasm and obvious love for the text.

She has of late been going through Romeo and Juliet, detailing various aspects of the play from Mercutio’s role and other character analysis to what DVD versions you might want to watch, or stay away from.

I always enjoyed the “scholarly” analysis of a play mind you, but I’m really getting into seeing her layman’s take. It feels more like a communal learning process, one person sharing their newly found insights, and reaching out to others for their thoughts in the process.

Link: Or What Your Will

PUB NIGHT: Tomorrow (03/10) Hosted by The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company

Eduard von Grützner’s Portrait of Falstaff

The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company will be hosting a “Pub Night” in Columbia Maryland.  Which according to their web site:

“Pub Nights are informal discussion groups where we sit around a local establishment and discuss some aspect of Shakespeare or classical theatre. Led by CSC members and attended by both company members and members of the general public”

The theme is “Shakespeare in Love”. I know Shakespeare is considered one of  the greatest romantic writers of all times, but “Shakespeare in Love”, makes me think of his comedies such as Much Ado about Nothing, or the Taming of the Shrew, which are amazingly hilarious takes on the lighter side of love. Here’s how I had discribed one of my favorite comedies, Twelfth Night:

” Everyone’s in love with someone, but that someone’s in love with someone else. And if you happen to be a woman dressed as a man, that get’s really confusing.”

Of course there’s the famously romantic side of Shakespeare found in the Sonnets, and plays like  Romeo and Juliet where our lovers meet, dance, and fall in love, prompting me to write:

” I was dazzled by  the way the words seem to dance and flow across the page keeping time with the music that you could almost hear.”

I have yet to go to a Pub Night as hosted by The Chesapeake Shakespeare company, so I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out tomorrow.

Here’s the link with more information:

Hosted by CSC Associate Director Jenny Leopold
March 10, 2010 7:30 PM
Bertucci’s in Columbia, MD

FREE!! This Weekend “As You Like It” in Olney Maryland

ayli-prod-11Get geared up for this weekend for some FREE Shakespeare! The “National Players”, who happen to be the longest running classical touring company in the United States, will be performing “As You Like It” this weekend in Olney Maryland. I really wish the timing was better (Honeymoon and all) cause I would really  would have loved to check out this production!

So’ don’t let the recession get you down… Pack up the kids and head to Olney.  Hey’ here’s a thought,  ya wanna take someone on a cheap date, AND look cultured at the same time? Then Shakespeare is it, and here is your chance.

Remember’ If you don’t support local Shakespeare, there won’t be any local Shakespeare.

As You Like It May 8 & 9, 7:30 PM.


FREE! May 8th & 9th Olney Maryland: National Players As You Like It

poster_ayliOkay, now this is getting bad… I am going on my honeymoon the same weekend that the National Players are set to perform “As You Like It” just 20 minutes north of me in Olney, another play I haven’t seen! Worse yet, it’s FREE!!! As I stated before, I love reading Shakespeare, but won’t read a play till I have seen it live first. I’ve seen 12 so far and figure at this rate I should be done with all his plays in about 10 or 15 years. Which if ya think about it is kinda cool (Anticipation and all that)… Anyway’ enough about my adventures in Shakespeareland,  Here’s the details.

As You Like It May 8 & 9, 7:30 PM.


Note of interest: The “National Players” is the longest-running classical touring company in the United States.

FREE: See Past Productions of Area Plays Free.

Here’s a cool tid-bit passed to me:

Washington Area Performing Arts Video Archive – Past performances for public viewing.

Now’ I am not a theater person so I’ve never heard of this, but this may be old news to everyone else.  There’s a local organization that professionally records live theater in the Washington area. Although this is of great interest to scholars and students of theater I’m sure, this might also be cool for someone like me . Not being a scholar or a student I come at Shakespeare the  same way I listen to music. I never listen just once, and I like to find as many live variations as possible. As Lincoln said, “”It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices.”

The only down side is you cannot watch at home, but the upside is they can be watched  at a couple of locations, including the University of Maryland (just down the road from me).  So’ if ya want to catch a play a second time, this may be an option.

Link: Click on “Video Archive” and do a “Keyword” search for Shakespeare (Or other interest). Click on “View Shows” to see viewing locations.

From their website:

“WAPAVA pays professional videographers, who with our post-production facility, support WAPAVA by charging us substantially less than market rates. Nevertheless, we are only able to videotape productions where the theatre (or, less frequently, a donor) is able to support the cost of recording and editing. Shows from smaller (and possibly more adventurous) theatres are under-represented.
In 2006, WAPAVA recorded thirty-one productions for the Taylor Collection.”


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