FREE: See Past Productions of Area Plays Free.

Here’s a cool tid-bit passed to me:

Washington Area Performing Arts Video Archive – Past performances for public viewing.

Now’ I am not a theater person so I’ve never heard of this, but this may be old news to everyone else.  There’s a local organization that professionally records live theater in the Washington area. Although this is of great interest to scholars and students of theater I’m sure, this might also be cool for someone like me . Not being a scholar or a student I come at Shakespeare the  same way I listen to music. I never listen just once, and I like to find as many live variations as possible. As Lincoln said, “”It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices.”

The only down side is you cannot watch at home, but the upside is they can be watched  at a couple of locations, including the University of Maryland (just down the road from me).  So’ if ya want to catch a play a second time, this may be an option.

Link: Click on “Video Archive” and do a “Keyword” search for Shakespeare (Or other interest). Click on “View Shows” to see viewing locations.

From their website:

“WAPAVA pays professional videographers, who with our post-production facility, support WAPAVA by charging us substantially less than market rates. Nevertheless, we are only able to videotape productions where the theatre (or, less frequently, a donor) is able to support the cost of recording and editing. Shows from smaller (and possibly more adventurous) theatres are under-represented.
In 2006, WAPAVA recorded thirty-one productions for the Taylor Collection.”

FREE April 13th : Folger’s – Shakespeare Birthday Lecture: “Sensational Shakespeare”

Reactions to Shakespeare have varied from tears to rapture to outrage. Professor Russell Jackson looks at historical performances to explore how extreme staging and audience responses have produced “Sensational Shakespeare.”

April 13,   8pm at the Folger’s Elizabethan Theatre

See link for Details

FREE: April 23rd ASC Does Shakespeare’s Birthday plus more…

Shakespeares BirthdayIt seems the American Shakespeare Center would like to invite you to a special celebration of William Shakespeare’s Birthday happening on April 23rd with cake and contests , and much mirth and merriment.  RSVP requested, more details at this Link:

BUT… That’s not all, as  I was bouncing around their web  site to see what else was going on that weekend, it turns out on  Saturday the 25th they’re having their annual  “Stark Raving Sane Benefit” at 5:30 pm at the  Blackfriars Playhouse. Looks like it will be a lot of fun also, so check out that  Link:

If you do decide to go to Staunton you can check out this prior post  for ideas about where to eat, stay etc…   Link:  Staunton VA, and the American Shakespeare Center. The best hidden spot in the world.

FREE April 21 – “Shakespeare’s Birthday” Poetry at the Library Of Congress

April 21 – “Shakespeare’s Birthday” Poetry at Noon reading features professional actors from Michael Kahn’s,  “George Washington University Academy of Classical Acting” reading from the plays and sonnets. Members of the audience may also read from the Bard’s works, noon-1 p.m., Whittall Pavilion.

April 13: FREE – Lincoln and Shakespeare at the Fords Theatre

abraham-lincoln-5-17-04-2-copyI accidentally stumbled on this while looking up something completely different, and is a good example of why I started this web page. Looks like the Fords theater in Washington DC is having a FREE 90 minute presentation about Lincoln and his love for Shakespeare. They will be presenting this with the help of the Shakespeare Theater Company featuring actor Andrew Long.

Now’ this sounds pretty cool if your into history (And Shakespeare)… The down side is all tickets are gone… So’ If ya happen to hear about more little happenings like this, let us know and I will post it here (And see ya there).
Jump the link for more info:  April 13: Lincoln and Shakespeare at the Fords Theatre

If nothing else I found my new favorite quote:

It matters not to me whether Shakespeare be well or ill acted; with him the thought suffices.” Abraham Lincoln

FREE! April 7th Romeo and Juliet: A Staged Reading at the University of Baltimore

romeo-and-julietJust got an email (Thanks Aaron) about a FREE  staged reading of Romeo and Juliet… Since I haven’t seen a full blown production of this play yet, I think I’ll skip this.  But if I had seen it already, I would most likely go, close my eyes and just absorb.

University of Baltimore Student Center Performing Arts Theater

Tue Apr 7 at  8pm

21 W Mount Royal Ave Baltimore, MD

Jump the link for more detail:


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