Staunton VA, and the American Shakespeare Center. One of the best hidden spots in the world.

Beverly St. in Staunton Va Note: See the prior post for bargain plays this weekend at the Blackfriars

The American Shakespeare Center is starting it’s Spring season, and you’ve never been to their Blackfriars playhouse! What are you waiting for? Honestly’ when life is just a b%ch  and I just need to get away,  I just pack it all  up,  count my change, and trek the 3 hours up to Staunton and watch me some Shakespeare.

Staunton Wisdom for a cool trip.

Where to stay: If the Stonewall Jackson Hotel is having a half price special I stay in that Grand Old Hotel (Or if I happen to have the ducats that trip… which is rarely), Other wise I stay in the Microtel Inn for about $75.00… Now  let me just say… the Microtel is awesome. It’s not the cheapest, but any cheaper in Staunton and you may regret it.  Not to mention the Microtel bakes amazing chocolate chip cookies in the evening. First time we stayed there, they had just pulled a batch out of the oven, and I was met with an olfactory bliss.

Where to eat: There are tons of restaurants, but these are a few of my favorites:

Inexpensive: Wrights Dairy Rite… Place opened in 1952, and ain’t change much since! Pick up the PHONE at your table and order a Burger, Fries, and a Real Milkshake… Cheap!

Good Value: The Baja Bean Co…  I LOVE the Baja Grilled Tacos!!!

Nice dinning: L’Italia Restaurant …Wonderful Italian food, Great service.

What else to do while there, Jump this link for the official Staunton visitor web site:

Staunton has kept it’s small town flavor all along Beverley St.  right near the Blackfriers Playhouse. Check out all the antique stores and specialty shops, and when you need a break from walking there’s restaurants and coffee shops all over the place.

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