Shakespeare’s Bust – Not Double D’s

Shakespeare bust and light switch
Shakespeare bust and light switch

This bust of Shakespeare does not run on two D batteries, but electricity. Not to date myself, but when I was a kid, once I  got home from school,  I would ALWAY’s turn on that old campy version of… Batman. You know the one with Adam West? Well’ in this show there was a Bust of “Shakespeare”, and to get to the Batcave, Batman would flip back Shakespeares head, flip a switch, and SWOOSH (POW,  KER-BLAM!), this switch would then open the secret entrance to the Batcave.

Now’ I know that you have searched for years, nay – Decades to find your own large Shakespeare bust, with a flip top head, to open YOUR OWN secret entrance. Well my friends, your search is over, jump the eBay link below for details.

Link: Shakespeares Electric Head

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